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Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Send your texts 25 years into the future
Von squalidstudent948, 10:18

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incubate text messages

It's possible now, thanks to a new app that lets users send texts, photos, videos and voicemails up to 25 years into the future. The app, called Incubate: The Time-Delay Messenger, launched this month. While there are some similar apps, this one is special because of its focus on social networking.

"Everyone has a need to send a strategically-timed message, whether they know it or not," said co-founder Michael McCluney.

McCluney, a serial entrepreneur with a background in real estate and tech, ran the idea of a digital time capsule by friends at Google (GOOG) and Facebook (FB, Tech30) a few years ago. They were encouraging, so he set out to build it.

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As he developed the app, he kept the focus on engaging users. People get hooked because they know when they've been sent something, and the anticipation keeps them interested.

"Emotionally, that's the component that resonates really, really well," McCluney said.

A user always knows the total number of messages that are "incubating" -- but not who sent them or when they'll be delivered. The company describes it as an "untapped memory bank waiting to be discovered."

People have to download the free app in order to send or receive messages, and there's also a way for parents to build up messages for their kids before they have a phone.

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McCluney wouldn't say how many people have downloaded Incubate so far, but he says engagement has been strong and the company is nearing its seed funding goal of $500,000.

There are already two hashtags people are using in relation to the app.

"#Drinkubating, that's been pretty popular," McCluney said. That's when one of your drunk friends does something stupid, and you can remind them of it days, weeks or even years into the future. (Much less romantic than using the app on your wedding day and sending your beloved a message years later.)

There's also "#Incubombing," where friends will all set messages to be delivered on a certain day, flooding that person's phone with messages, videos and photos.

"That's been a big hit with the kids," McCluney said.

CNNMoney (New York) March 24, 2015: 10:07 AM ET

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Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Painless Strategies In imrs 2000 Simplified
Von squalidstudent948, 05:07

Magnetic therapy is really an element of alternative medicine where static fields are employed. There are unique labels with which this treatment is known, like therapy and magnotherapy. According to experts with this remedy, when an ailing body part is afflicted by fields, it's a confident impact on the said body part, which in the recovery process assists in turn.

In the 1930s, professionals utilized isotopes to gauge the necessary measure of implemented iodine, when nearby in the thyroid. Produce to further examination and there was a counter used to measure the light produced in the neck. The real breakthrough came in the 1950s with the innovation of scintillation camera, by Rage, an manufacture. This product served to make radioactive isotopes' usage inside the discipline of medication, generally for conclusions and therapy of feasible disease or disorders.

In an European research called REFLEX Danger Examination of Potential Environmental Threats from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field (EMF) executed in 2004, many DNA samples were exposed to about 0.4 to 2 N/kg of emission. The outcomes revealed effects like instant injury to the cell organelles (mitochondria and ribosomes), instant modification in many genes, an increase in cell multiplication, Etc.-But these consequences weren't tested on a large range, and studies on this are still on. In 2008-2009, a number of meta-reports reported genotoxicity while in the open hereditary substance of DNA samples, which was a direct result exposing them to RF.

You'll find different ways in which magnetic remedy may mrs2000 be employed on the patient. You'll find sometimes electromagnetic units which are used in the treatment, or permanent magnets that are stationary are used. Jewelry magnetic therapy straps, footwear insoles, etc. and unique items like magnetic bracelets, can be purchased in the market and can be utilized inside the remedy. The side results will be seen by us shortly, although we realize the benefits of the treatment.

Magnetic therapy's most important benefit will be to minimize discomfort. Thus, osteoarthritis patients are proposed the usage of magnetic therapy products that were various to ease the problem. Magnetic products are positioned around the parts which can be in pain, while using the magnetic treatment for pain. Over an interval of period pain is improved. People struggling with strain are recognized to take advantage of magnetic therapy's usage. On the area that was said straps might be placed in case there is swelling. The swelling can disappear in a few period. Women struggling with menstrual pains are recognized to reward a whole lot together with the use of magnetic therapy.

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Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Things You Should Know About Electromagnetic Fields
Von squalidstudent948, 02:07

Believe it or not, there are some significant health dangers one faces when dealing with the invisible electromagnetic fields all around us. Electronic devices like mobile phones and bigger appliances like microwaves and fridges continuously emit invisible electromagnetic fields but that might be detected with a particular device referred to as an electromagnetic field detector or sensor. How can these invisible waves of energy be harmful to humans? The question concerning whether or not EMF waves are not harmless or not remains a greatly debated issue and lots of people remain seriously concerned about the possible dangers related to exposure to EMF waves.

Electromagnetic fields are naturally created fields that emanate from items which are electrically charged. Experts have examined how these invisible waves of energy effect creatures and people and various studies imply a number of health dangers linked with exposure to electromagnetic fields. In the early 1970s electromagnetic fields were linked to the beginning of childhood leukemia, and other studies have revealed that electromagnetic fields can cause other equipment as well as pacemakers to malfunction and monitors. Electromagnetic energies also have been linked to birth defects in animals, and other illnesses, cancers, too.

Distinct appliances generate distinct amounts of electromagnetic energy. 700 milliGuass might be generated by a hairdryer. An electric blanket exposes the sleeper to potentially dangerous energies and generates electromagnetic energy. Many individuals have serious concerns over the use of devices that are mobile and computer technologies too the latter since both emit electromagnetic fields of various degrees and human beings are exposed to such devices all of the time.

To prevent potential risks connected with electromagnetic exposure, it is strongly recommended that individuals minimize their exposure to potential electromagnetic sources, if it's in any way possible to do that. Sources can be identified with the inexpensive apparatus known as an electromagnetic detector. A cell detector device will give a transparent sign to the user of the device so they can better distance themselves from such energies when potential, where EMF energies are emanating from in one's home and costs no more than 35 to 40 dollars. Some experts propose the use of a Faraday cage to safeguard or shell any item that's effective at producing electromagnetic energies, yet this isn't a practical application.

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